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Share your book with AB AlbumOnline!

AB AlbumOnline is a feature we offer to each of you free of charge so that you can share with your clients a preview of their beautifully designed AsukaBook. Your clients will love having this sneak peek of the album you artfully created for them, and even more, they'll love that they can share it with family and friends! The online previews are available for a full year, which gives you and your customers plenty of sharing and viewing time.

Not only is AB AlbumOnline something your clients will love, it is an outstanding tool to use via your website and social media to show prospective clients your work*! Have you seen us feature the Book of the Month on our website or our Facebook page? That's the idea! Both you and your clients can use the Facebook and Twitter features to quickly and easily show off albums.

It's simple to use! When placing a book order, choose the AB AlbumOnline option on the payment page. Within 24 hours of the approval of your order, you'll receive an email with the URL to a webpage that will display your book design. On that page you'll also find links to share the design on Facebook and Twitter - a one-click step to sharing on your social media channels!

*Please remember to obtain permission from your customers in order to share their albums for promotional use.

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